Our cross functional teams allow us to provide technical, domain, operations and project management expertise to make your project a success

We work with our clients in providing infrastructure, networking, technical architecture, software development and FHWA support services

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ERP Consulting

Dataview provides a full life cycle support for ERP project implementations, starting from pre-RFP as-is-analysis to compile requirements to post-go-live operational support. Our consulting services include:

Pre-RFP Support: Our team of business analysts and architects work with our customers to help draft the RFP. Our services include:

  • Review of existing business processes to help draft requirements
  • Review of existing technical architecture
  • Inventory of existing business systems and integration requirements

Due Diligence: With more than 15 years of experience implementing IT projects, we provide our clients with the intelligence they need to make informed decisions about project awards. Our services include:

  • Review of RFP requirements to evaluate hardware and software needs
  • Evaluation of RFP responses to confirm proposed solution
  • Evaluation of software stack and license needs

Hardware & Software Procurement: We work with our clients to review requirements and identify a cost effective and scalable solution. Our principals have extensive experience working with major hardware vendors and resellers. Our services include:

  • Hardware & software configuration and procurement
  • Facility planning and working with the data center to coordinate delivery and installation of the hardware

Ongoing Services: After the initial implementation we work with our clients to ensure a scalable and optimal solution by offering the following:

  • Annual Capacity Planning based on user and transaction growth trends
  • Hardware & software refresh cycle recommendations based on hardware and software vendor product road maps
  • Software license reviews to validate deployment and future needs

Managed Services

Dataview provides 24x7 managed services and operational support staff using its distributed team.

Application Operations: Our post go-live support services include supporting our client with the day to day operational activities. Our extensive experience with managing ERP solutions allows our clients to meet the system SLA's and user expectations. Our services include:

  • Setup of application & server monitoring with proactive alerts & notifications
  • Defining database backup & restore policies that meet the client processes and business SLAs
  • Defining a nightly cycle design based on business requirements
  • Providing support for nightly job execution and monitoring
  • Defining and implementing a data archiving and retention architecture based on policies
  • Setup of help desk

System Administration: Our team will help implement the infrastructure and do ongoing application and database server management. Our services include

  • Configuration, deployment and management of virtualized infrastructure
  • Installation, configuration and management of database servers
  • Server Patching, monitoring and administration
  • Setup of alerts and dashboards for ongoing monitoring of infrastructure

Configuration Management: Our team will help implement configuration and change management processes that leverage industry leading practices and tools. Our services include

  • Defining configuration management processes
  • Setup of configuration and version management tools
  • Proving ongoing application patching

Custom Development

Dataview has a team of senior developers and technical architects providing custom application development services using industry leading frameworks and programming languages. We provide development in

  • Java
  • Angular Framework
  • Telerik Controls

Business Intelligence

Dataview has focused on creating business intelligence solutions for our customers allowing them insight into the operational data. Our staff has extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing solutions for large public sector clients.

Data Warehouse: We work with our clients to review Business Intelligence requirements and identify a cost effective and scalable solution. Our team has extensive experience working with major BI solutions and third party vendors. Our services include:

  • Data modelling
  • Custom design and development of dimensional models
  • Solution selection and implementation to meet business goals
  • Conversion of historical data into the same data repository as current data in order to deliver instant insights into operations

Data Warehouse: We work with our clients to review Business Intelligence requirements and identify a cost effective and scalable solution. Our team has extensive experience working with major BI solutions and third party vendors. Our services include:

  • Delivery of integrated, accurate, and timely data across the enterprise
  • Data quality assurance services to define and apply cleansing rules and monitor quality of data on an on-going basis

Testing Services

We believe that the success of any implementation depends on the levels and forms of testing. As part of our go-live and post-go-live activities we provide comprehensive testing support to our customers to mitigate any risks during cutover or deployment of major software upgrades.

Performance Testing: As part of our project pre go-live activities, we also assist our clients in creating performance test plans based on projected user and transaction volumes. Our extensive experience with multi-tier application architecture allows us to create tests that simulate real world conditions. Our services include:

  • Defining performance test plans based on user feedback and requirement analysis
  • Creating automated performance test scripts using industry standard tools such as JMeter or SilkPerformer
  • Performance test execution and tuning of the database and application tiers
  • Working with application and third-party vendors to log and resolve issues

Regression Testing: We provide regression testing support for large scale projects implementing a 'waterfall' SDLC. Our services include:

  • Defining regression test plan based on requirements analysis
  • Design and development of automated scripts
  • Defining issue/defect tracking work flow processes using standard tools